Kevin Lambert Tucker

Experience & Skills


Embedded Systems, Distributed Systems, Wireless Systems, Desktop Applications, Web Applications, Domain-Specific Languages and Tools

Languages & Tools

Primarily: C, Python, Ruby, Swift, Go, Clojure, Git


Software Development Manager 2018 - Present
Software Engineer / Software Coordinator 2008 - 2018
Software Engineer 2003 - 2008
TekTone Sound & Signal Mfg., Inc.  

TekTone designs and manufactures nurse call and wireless emergency call systems.


My years at TekTone have provided me with a great opportunity to develop my skills as a software developer, leader and catalyst for change within the company.

In the past, TekTone developed each new system with no interoperability with their existing systems. I lead an effort to break this paradigm and integrate these systems on a common platform. Now everything including our entry-level stations, our top-of-the-line stations, our wireless devices, as well as legacy products and third party systems interoperate as part of one platform. The development and release of this single platform to unify our product line:

I am constantly learning and evaluating new technologies to utilize in our development process and products. I work closely with hardware engineers and at times involve myself in mechanical design to ensure a great final product. Most importantly, in my role as Software Development Manager, I:


Master of Computer Science 2003
North Carolina State University  
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science 2001
Appalachian State University  

Independent Coursework

Control of Mobile Robots 2013
Coursera, Magnus Egerstedt  
Neural Networks for Machine Learning 2012
Coursera, Geoffrey Hinton  
Computing for Data Analysis 2012
Coursera, Roger D. Peng  
Programming a Robotic Car 2012
Udacity, Sebastian Thrun  
Machine Learning 2011 (now at Coursera), Andrew Ng  
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 2011 (now at Udacity), Sebastian Thrun & Peter Norvig  
Motorcycle Dynamics & Suspension Seminar 2006
Tony Foale Designs, Tony Foale